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Where and how it is applied

How it is applied

Application of the polyester film occurs through sublimation, a physical and chemical process in which a substance changes from solid to gas, without entering the liquid state. The surfaces of application (usually extruded aluminium, but also iron and many others) are painted in such a way as to facilitate absorption of polyester film decorations.

Subsequently, the surfaces are enveloped in the ink tape printed on the polyester film and, with machine suction of trapped air, facilitates perfect adherence of the film to the surface underneath. The product is then placed into an oven, where the film pattern is transferred on to the aluminium, thus becoming a permanent decoration. When heating is finished, the film is colourless and can easily be removed, giving the treated surface the desired decoration.

Where it is applied

i.dek polyester film is suited to decorate extruded aluminium and in particular:

  • Panelled doors
  • Windows and shutters
  • Main entrances and garage doors
  • Accessories (door and shutter handles and hinges)
  • Interior furniture (kitchen and bathroom trim)
  • Household items

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